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Wet-End Spares Kit

To assist our customers, Goodwin have developed a "Wet-End" spares kit which includes all of the necessary items your technicians will need to perform essential periodic maintenance on your Goodwin pump, to ensure reliable operation and the long life of your investment.

wet-end spare kit

The spares kit includes an Impeller, Wear Plate, Inducer, Shaft Sleeve, Lock Nut, Spacers, Fasteners - plus all of the tools and lubricants needed to perform the task and a step-by-step guide.

wet-end spare kit

Control Panels

Panels will meet and exceed MDG15 and we can also produce bespoke panels to customers requirements

30kw Control Panel90 - 112kw Control Panel
100mm Control panel 150mm Control panel

The Goodwin fully automatic control panel has four main modes of operation:

  • 1Manual mode
  • The operator can Start and Stop the pump as required.

  • 2Automatic with Float switch start
  • When the high level float switch is activated, the pump will start. When the low current relay senses the drop in power, the pump will stop

  • 3Automatic with Timer start
  • When the Start Timer is energised (user defined time), the pump will start. When the low current relay senses the drop in power, the pump will stop.

  • 4Automatic with Float switch & Timer start
  • In this mode, both the high level float switchand the start timer are used. This means that at a pre-determined time the pump will start, but is the slurry level becomes high before this time, the pump will start. When the low current relays senses the drop in power, the pump will stop.

Control Panel Weights & Dimensions100mm Pumps150mm Pumps200mm Pumps
WEIGHT 45kgs 100kgs100kgs
HEIGHT Panel Height 600mm
Beacon Height 120mm
Total Height 720mm
Panel Height 1000mm
Beacon Height 120mm
Total Height 1120mm
Panel Height 1000mm
Beacon Height 120mm
Total Height 1120mm
WIDTH 600mm 800mm 800mm
DEPTH Panel Depth 200mm
panel Depth 400mm
Panel Depth 400mm
Bracket Depth 75mm
Bracket Depth 75mm
Bracket Depth 75mm
Total Depth 475mm
panel Depth 475mm
Panel Depth 475mm

All Goodwin control panels protect against:

  • Earth leakage faults - damage to the cable or pump
  • Current overload - of the pump
  • Phase imbalance - voltage variation of the incoming supply phases
  • Phase rotation - to ensure the pump runs in the correct direction
  • Phase loss - the loss of one or more of the incoming phases
  • Under voltage - if the incoming voltage is too low
  • Over Voltage - if the incoming voltage is too high

The benefits of using a Goodwin fully automatic control panel:

  • The panel can operate in "Manual" mode, where the operator can Start and Stop the pump as required.
  • When used in "Automatic" mode, it extends the life of the pumps wearing parts, as it will not be left running on snore (running but not pumping) for extended periods of time. The Goodwin panel does this by using an electronic low current relay, which detects when the pump is running on a light load (i.e. Snore).
  • Before starting, a Xenon beacon flashes and an audible (100Db) alarm sounds to warn operatives.
  • The panel is fitted with a lockable "isolator" for safe maintenance.
  • The panel has the facility to be connected to a "Remote" Start / Stop station, including an Emergency Stop.
  • The 90kW & 112kW panels can be supplied for either "Direct-On-Line" starting, or with "Soft Start". All 30kW panels are designed for "Direct-On-Line" starting.
  • All panels are IP65 rated as standard, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • All panels are fitted with rear mounting brackets as standard.

Optional accessories for your Goodwin fully automatic control panel

  • Control panel stand
  • Control panel hood

Electrical Accessories

Pump Cable

The cable conforms to AS1802:2003, and has a layer of waterproof insulation. The IP68 rated cable gland seals against the outer sheath, to prevent the ingress of fluids into the electrical connections.

The Goodwin range of pumps are supplied with 3 phase + earth armoured trailing cable for maximum protection against accidental damage – adding to the rugged reliability of the Goodwin submersible slurry pump.

This is tried and tested cable that is fitted to the Goodwin pump, and we will NOT supply any other cable between the pump and electrical control panel.

Distances may vary from pump to panel from installation to installation – please specify length of cable to be supplied with pump when ordering. (max cable length between pump and panel is 100m).

The cable comprises of three power cores and three separate earth cores

Each core is composed of multiple stranded circular annealed tinned copper wires complying with the requirements of AS/NZS 1802:2003.

The outer cable protection consists of Chlorinated rubber sheathing which covers heavy duty galvanised steel armour, which in turn covers an inner Chlorinated rubber sheath which protects the three phase conductors and earth conductor. Each of the three phase conductors has its own composite copper screen. The phase insulator is made of EPR, to AS/NZS 1802:2003.

Voltage rating: 1.1/11kV.

Cable Cutaway Cable Cutaway

The durability of our cable and cable gland arrangement is so strong that customers have retrieved pumps by lifting them directly with the cable from a sump.

Goodwin always recommends that proper lifting tackle is utilized at all times and take no responsibility if a cable was to pull out if the pump (over 500kg) was lifted by it.

Alternative cable offered for very light duties.

The cable conforms to AS1802:2003, and has a layer of waterproof insulation. The IP68 rated cable gland seals against the outer sheath, to prevent the ingress of fluids into the electrical connections..

Installation Accessories

Lifting Chains

Custom made lifting chains are recommended so the slurry pump is lifted from a single point. This means that the pump remains vertical at all times, and is not lifted on an angle, which can happen on site if only one of the lifting points is used.

By keeping the pump vertical oil is kept in the correct areas to allow maximum lubrication and heat dissipation, maximising bearing life and motor cooling. Additionally when starting the pump when it is submerged in settled slurry ¯ it allows the pump to kick as described in the hose accessories section.

As it is a submersible pump the shackles and chain unit come in a galvanised finish to minimise corrosion and maximise working life.

The chain unit is supplied with two shackles to couple it directly to the Goodwin pump.

Goodwin Part No:G355/2-10Z-SA0

  1. 2.2 Tonnes (standard working load )
  2. Leg lengths 600mm
  3. Master Links to fit 5 Tonne Lift Hook

Goodwin Part No:G355/2-202-SA0

  1. 5 Tonnes
  2. Leg lengths 600mm
  3. Master Links to fit 10 Tonne Lift Hook

picture of chain

For lifting our submersible slurry pumps we recommend that a hoist with a minimum rating of 1.5 tonnes is used for our 30kW pumps and 5 tonnes for our 90 & 112kW pumps. This is because from our experience, additional lifting force can be required to break the pump free of the settled slurry, which is more than would be expected during normal operation, where only the weight of the pump and pipe work to be considered.

Chain Blocks

Knowing the following information, we will make sure that it is suitable for your installation, by making sure that it will allow the pump to reach the bottom depth required and that the chain loop for raising and lowering the pump only reaches to the ground level where the operator is standing ¯ so there is not excess chain everywhere.

lifting chain

We can source and supply chain lifting blocks for customers who want us to assist with their installations.

Prior to specifying a chain lifting block it is necessary to know the details of the installation:

  • Depth of Pit pump to be lowered into
  • Height Above Pit the block will be suspended from.


The pump can be mounted on a pontoon, which we can custom build to your site requirements. We have a range of modular pontoons available, with interlocking design depending on the number of pumps you have. We can also supply custom built Steel pontoons. Gangways and walkways are available in rigid aluminium or steel, or floating cells to any length required.

Pontoon assembly

UK Pontoon specification shown

Hose and Accessories

Goodwin recommends all its submersible slurry pumps are suspended on chains, with a Bauer type adapter for coupling to the pump followed by a length of reinforced flexible hose before connecting to any rigid pipe work (shown in the photo). This enables the pump to operate correctly when it is in thick heavy slurries, as when the pump is started and slurry has settled around it there is a very high energy start as the motor is direct on line which makes the pump kick.

As the pump is suspended on chains, the "kick" it breaks away from any settled slurry allowing standing water to get to the impeller by flowing around the pump body as it has broken away from the slurry. As soon as this has happened the pumps agitator starts emitting its hydraulic shock wave 'sphere of influence', putting dense particles into suspension to be pumped with ease

Goodwin hoses are supplied with PN16 flanges on both ends as standard.

Heavy Duty Hose

Heavy Duty Slurry Discharge Hose Specification


  1. Inner Tube : Seamless Smooth Rubber Tube Thickness 6.5 / 7.0mm
  2. Reinforcement : Multiple Plies of High Tensile Synthetic Fabric embedded with Double Helical Wire Coils of 12swg.
  3. Fillers: Rubber Filler, Double Layered 1.5mm Thick
  4. Cover : Black Corrugated Rubber Cover Ageing and Weather Resistant 2mm Thick
  5. End Connections : Each End to be Flanged 4” Table ‘D’. (215mm O/d - 4 * Ø18mm Holes on 178mm PCD) Rubber Inner Tube to extend over the raised face. The Nipple Connection made from 100mm I/d Pipe with Wall Thickness of 8mm Min, Extending into the Tube by 220mm.
  6. Bend Radius : Flexible Construction to have a Minimum Bend Radius of 500mms
  7. Standard Lengths : Hose Can be Supplied in Standard Lengths of 5m & 10m with a tolerance of ± 100mm
  8. Standard Weight : 8.4kg per running meter plus flange connections.
  9. Operating Temperature Range : Product Temperature of -20°C to + 82°C Operating Pressure: 7kg/cm2g
  10. Verification Tests: Hydro test: 11kg/cm2g Vacuum Test: 625mm Hg Shore
  11. Hardness: Tube: 50 Deg A (±5) Tube: 60 Deg A (±5)

Quick Release Couplings

The Bauer connectors can be set up in minutes while offering the flexibility of deflection at each joint up to 30°. They are robust yet user friendly connectors suitable for slurry applications. Couplings supplied will be hot dipped galvanised for corrosion resistance.

Goodwin hoses are supplied with PN16 flanges on both ends as standard. To connect to the pump we would recommend the following below, plus whatever you require to connect the other end of the hose into your system.

  • Using Goodwin heavy duty hose we would recommend purchasing A & C
  • Using your own hose we would recommend purchasing A & B


quick release flange

4” (100mm) PN16 Flanged Male Bauer Coupling
Goodwin Part No: G700/6 – 10V BAUER MALE


quick release hose connection

4” (100mm) Hose connecting Female Bauer Coupling (O- ring supplied)
Goodwin Part No: G700/7 – 10V BAUER FEMALE


quick release

 4” (100mm) PN16 Flanged Female Bauer Coupling (O – ring supplied)
Goodwin Part No: G700/5 – 10V BAUER FEMALE

Specification Revision 0 - 12.12.07